Nice Lasers Rainbow Quickshow Page

Nice Lasers Rainbow Quickshow Page

Nice Lasers Rainbow Quickshow Page

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Tired of the Same Old Stock Cues? Brighten Up Your Show!

Introducing the Nice Lasers Rainbow QS Page. This isn't just another set of cues – it's a vivid celebration of color, meticulously curated for the discerning laser show designer. While Quickshow's stock cues have their place, they often lack the vibrancy and versatility that modern shows demand. Enter Team NiceLasers.

Crafted with care by our designer Merr, these cues are designed to offer a fresh and captivating experience for your audience, with slow, dreamy visuals and high-energy bursts of light to fit any occasion. With the Rainbow QS Page, you'll have a new color palate to WOW your audience and demonstrate the capability of the laser when it comes to color projection. All without having to spend hours creating your own cues from scratch.

These cues are designed to give your workspace a new, colorful look, spicing up your shows and keeping your audience engaged. Don't settle for stock cues – elevate your laser game with the Nice Lasers Quickshow Pages.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our Quickshow Pages & Workspaces all offer a variety of cues to improve your show. Elevate your laser game and add some World Class flair to your shows with Team NiceLasers.


  • 36 Cues
  • Diverse Palette: From slow, mesmerizing patterns to lively displays of rainbow goodness, switch things up with a range of cues.
  • Save Time: Get straight to the show without the hassle of creating from scratch.
  • Versatility: Ideal for both seasoned pros and laser show novices.

Don't let your shows fade into monotony. Give them the vibrant, world-class touch they deserve with the Nice Lasers Quickshow Page