Anthony Garcia / Nice Lasers

A Journey Through Laser Artistry: My Story

Hey guys, I want to start blogging. Not only is it great for our SEO (lol), but perhaps over time, I can get my theories and thoughts out online while leaving myself open to questions and comments. So let’s get started!

As a high school student in Southern Minnesota, I often found myself feeling depressed and unable to envision a future beyond my video editing lifestyle. To escape these feelings, I turned to music. I would spend hours listening to my favorite songs and imagine myself creating concerts and shows, picturing the bright lights and energetic crowds. In my mind, I was transported to another world where the worries and stresses of everyday life didn't exist. The colors and shapes I envisioned were able to soothe my troubled mind and lift my spirits, inspiring me to pursue my passion (even though I didn’t know what that was at the time).

When I was 18, I moved to LA to pursue film school, but I dropped out after a few months to work with laser shows. My first exposure to lasers was at Coldplay 2012 and SHM One Last Tour, but I wasn't truly inspired until I experienced the Zedd Clarity Tour at the Shine Expo Hall in Los Angeles.

After that show, I did whatever I could to work with lasers, even volunteering at first. Eventually, I started earning $100 a day, which allowed me to purchase a low-quality Chinese laser (3W). However, I still didn't have software to control it, and I relied on FB3's from jobs and friends to program it. If I was lucky, I was able to actually use the laser (beyond simply unlocking my software with a quick USB plug-in).

Finally, in 2014, I gained some festival experience at Insomniac's Escape festival. Over the next decade, I dedicated myself to expanding my knowledge about laser technology by working on a variety of projects such as festivals, concerts, tours, and music videos. During this time, I had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of professionals from different backgrounds and industries, allowing me to gain a broader understanding of how laser technology is used in different fields. Through my experiences, I learned how to troubleshoot technical issues and identify opportunities for innovation. As I continued to grow and develop my skills, I also gained a deeper appreciation for the artistry involved in using laser technology to create unique and memorable experiences for audiences. Overall, my passion for laser technology has only continued to grow throughout my career, and I am excited for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead as I continue to explore this fascinating field.

So here we are, a decade of lasers later, and now I’m selling equipment, cues, and trying to grow this industry to be more welcoming than it was when I found it. If you want to know more or ask anything, email me at, and we will learn together. <3