Beyond Midi Map (Kontrol F1)

Beyond Midi Map (Kontrol F1)

Beyond Midi Map (Kontrol F1)

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Throughout my professional journey, I have relied on my Traktor Kontrol F1 to provide me with the necessary control to create stunning laser displays around the globe.

This midi mapping allows for precise control over the lasers, eliminating the hassle of programming and allowing for seamless live synchronization.

The idea behind this mapping is to use the laser as a visual instrument, with the midi controller serving as the physical link between the two. 

Personally, I prefer the simplicity of the Kontrol F1 over other controllers, as its four faders make it easy for me to navigate without needing to constantly look down (and away from the show). The 16 cue buttons offer the same level of control without causing any distractions. 

This controller and mapping were designed with the show as the top priority. I am confident that you will find it as valuable and beneficial as I have.


  • Beyond Kontrol F1 Mapping file
  • Native Instruments Controller Editor configuration file
  • Readme / mapping guide to demonstrate what each button / knob / fader does


  • Pangolin Beyond (available for purchase here)
  • Controller Editor (available for free here)