Kvant Clubmax 3000 (FB4)

Kvant Clubmax 3000 (FB4)

Kvant Clubmax 3000 (FB4)

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Kvant Clubmax 3000 FB4 Laser Light Show Projector

The Kvant Clubmax series is chosen by designers around the world to create laser shows and experiences ranging from touring productions to nightclub installations. The FB4 built inside allows control with Pangolin Beyond (the industry standard for laser control), providing network connection with ethernet or ethercon in / thru, productions can easily scale their layouts to include multiple projectors to fit design needs.


  • Battlefield tested chassis, and internal design is robust and sturdy, making the Clubmax an ideal laser system also for permanent installations, touring, and laser rentals.
  • Optimized to allow for long maintenance intervals and to ensure a long-life span of the laser system.
  • Ultra-low-divergence RGB laser source designed to provide maximum brightness at further projection distances. The premium quality laser source uses the latest semiconductor diode laser technology in conjunction with the most advanced beam shaping techniques.
  • Pangolin’s FB4 laser show control hardware allows you to control your laser from a PC. lighting console via Ethernet, DMX, ArtNet and ILDA, or in auto mode for standalone playback.
  • Color Balance Display Mode matches the colors outputted by your laser to those you see on your computer screen, without the need for color palette calibration in your software. The color settings are stored in the internal system memory of Clubmax FB4.
  • 40 Kpps scanning speed with ScannerMax Compact 506; Up to 60 Kpps with optional Saturn 1 scanners.
  • A comprehensive range of adjustment controls on the rear panel.
  • Easily accessible beam alignment mechanism: with no need to take the lid off.
  • Direct compatibility with Pangolin DiscoScan 2.0 bracket, Safety Scan lens bracket, 4-Way masking plate and FB4-QS Quick Connect.
  • Optional Single or Dual Optical Bench and Pangolin PASS upgrades.
  • TÜV certification.
  • Every KVANT laser system is delivered with a Quality Control Certificate. The certificate includes the power output measurement of each laser wavelength within the system.

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Shipping Estimate: 8-10 Weeks (updated March 2023)