Unity Raw 3

Wave of rainbow colorful laser beams from the Unity Raw 3, a laser created for beginners, DJs, Nightclubs, living rooms, and bedrooms

Unity Raw 3

Regular price $1,492.00

The Unity RAW 3 is a full color RGB, diode-based laser systems, designed for clients who need impactful aerial beam effects, with the ability to also produce laser graphics, logos and text.

The RAW Series is perfect for DJs, nightclubs and entertainment venues, where you need an impactful and easy to use laser system, at an economical price point. It is suitable for venues up to 3,000 people in capacity.

The RAW 3 includes all of the accessories you'll need right out of the box.

  • RAW 3 Laser Projector
  • ILDA cable
  • E-stop safety system and E-stop cables
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Safety Keys